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A brief history of my telephone songs.

Most of these ‘telephone’ songs come to me while I'm driving my car. Then I have to pull over to the shoulder and jot down the basic idea of it. Later, at home, I work it out into its final version. I never choose what I'm going to write about. The songs just pop into my head - finished. For that reason I never know what kind of song is going to pop into my head next. It might be funny, such as 'The Pizza Man', downright corny like 'Washing Machines eat Socks', philosophical such as 'There's a Reason', etc.

For years I tried to find a publisher for some of my songs and came pretty darn close quite a few times. Finally I decided that the only way my songs are going to be heard is to install an answering machine and simply play one of my songs each week.

This began about 20 years ago and as time progressed, more and more people began to call (and pass on) my number to the point where I received well over 100 calls per day, some from as far away as Florida, Texas, Alaska - I even got a call from Budapest (Europe) once!! Then radio stations from various parts of the United States started to call my number and play the songs over the air. Some outfit from Wall street called me every Monday and played my song over their intercom - so I'm told.

Then a group of low-lives found my number and started to leave extremely obscene messages. That’s when I discontinued my phone line and transferred the songs into my web site.

The above CD's contain my songs the way I originally recorded them for the telephone. Since then I have refined my recording process and am re-recording the songs one by one. At this point don't look for professional recording studio quality. It's not so much the quality as the content :) There are also lots of new songs, and they will be on the the next 2 Cd’s.



Here are some of my Christmas songs:

If you've ever wondered where Santa goes after Christmas before he returns

to the North Pole?

Well, click on Santa and find out where our Jolly Old Man goes.

All songs are (C) by Helmut Licht

Here are more of my Christmas Songs.

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I've been trying for years to get these songs to a publisher. If you have any connections or know anybody who does, I'd appreciate it if you would make them aware of these songs. Thanks!

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