Make your happiness depend

And you have given it beginning

And an end.  


The Morning Walk

The morning walk - a fading art

The will is there

But not the start.


Good Morning

 ‘Good morning!’ said the snail

‘It’s going to hail!’

‘Good morning!’ Said the crow

‘It’s going to snow’.

They both were wrong -

The Sun shone all day long.

Pages in a Book

The book’s page one said to page two

‘I have more letters than have you’.

Page two then  counted; Sadly it was true.

Page two confided to page one:

‘My number has a curve, and yours has none’.

From one Clock to another

One clock with pride

And much assurance said:

“My time is perfect.

Always right.”

The other one:

“My battery is dead.

I’m off to bed.

Good night.”


The thing about eating mussels -

It looks like a lot -

But it’s really not.

Watching her

When she stirs the pot

She does it with a wiggle.

And when I point it out to her

She answers with a giggle.

The Ring

A ring is such a funny thing.

It has an even bend

No beginning

And no end.

The Wipers

The wipers of a car

They don’t go very far

From here to there

From there to here

And when the rain is done

They simply disappear.

9 Tires

My little car nine tires has

Two in the front, two in the back

And that makes four

But there are more, please wait!

Two on the left, two on the right

And that makes eight

And there’s one more


It’s called a spare.


The Peddlers

I had everything I need

Was quite content

But then I watched a short commercial

Now I’m off to get what they are peddling

Oh how I wish there was a way

To stop their costly meddling!

A new Dance

Just when I thought

I had learned all the dances

And could teach them with know-how and ease

Such as Foxtrot, Tango,

The Swing and the Rumba.

There pops up a new one

Where they ‘shake it, don’t break it’

It moves and frees all those pent up emotions

Much better than any pharmaceutical potion -

You should try it, my friend! It’s called Zumba!



I don’t like to owe!

It might be me,

But when I owe

I don’t feel free -

There’s a noose

Around my neck.

When I  pay

It is a-dangling

When I don’t

It starts a-strangling

It might be me

But I would rather be




“I have an apple”

Will you save a bite for me?

“I have an apple”

Laptop or PC?

“I have an apple”

That’s what Adam heard from Eve

“I have an apple”

For your teacher, I believe

“You are the apple…”

Of your eye? How sweet of you to say!

“I have an apple”

Keeps the doctor far away.

“I have a pear”

Oh dear! I fear

I have no comeback here.



I woke up the other night

And I wondered, meditating

What if GOD would copyright

All HE’s creating?

At 85?

I  used to climb mountains

When I was young and spry

Now, when I climb steps

They seem just as high.

I’m not there yet -

Have a long way to go

But, when I get there

I hope, it won’t be so :)

The ear of the beholder

When I listen to music

I hear a singer that sings

In the background the trumpets

The saxes and strings

Codas and endings

And chordal progressions

Sforzandos and all those

Dynamic expressions

When she watches me listening

Her expression is pity

Because to her the song is simply

Just pretty.


The big, old Tree

The big, old tree was motionless

Not the slightest breeze was stirring.

Suddenly, mysteriously

A little twig began to sway!

And then -

A little bird continued on its way.



I just read a sad poem

And now I feel bad

And I feel so sad

Down in the dump

Like a dumpy old grump

So let me read something

That’s happy and cheerful

That makes me feel better

Fills my mind with much cheer full

I only have room

For a single emotion

So let me be wise

As to which one I choose

Joy, I’m a winner

Sadness, I lose.

The game room

I’m 75

Play no more of those games

I am who I am

Who GOD’s meant me to be!

Don’t care to be changed

Be shaped into something

That’s wrong and contrived

And really not me

I’ve done my adjusting

Stood by like mime

It has never worked

Since the beginning of time

I’m 75

Every day is important

Don’t want to waste time any more

I’m out of that room

I profoundly abhor

And have thrown away the key

That opens that door.


The Hermit

The hermit lives so all alone

No TV and telephone

He gets no news

And doesn’t care

If no one knows

That he is there

He doesn’t play the social game

Its meaningless distractions

Of recognition, fleeting fame

And shallow interactions

He’s quite OK all by himself

His little world he knows

The other world has no effect

It simply comes and goes.



I just did some painting ‘round the house

Not artistic, like Van Gogh

More like Tom Sawyer

Left and right and up and down

You know.

The movements are so boring


That the mind begins to wander

It wants something more delicious.

And in the most amazing way

It quickly wanders off, astray

To places that have not the least to do

With what I am doing here –

Painting white unto my wall.

My wall becomes a movie screen

Alas, I see an orchestra

I hear a symphony sublime

My right hand holds the brush-baton

I conduct, get lost in time.

My eyes are closed,

I can see it all much better

The violins, the timpani

The flutes and the bassoon.

I hear a voice: What are you doing, dear?

The joy ends much too soon.

I open up my eyes

My embarrassment is certain

I’ve been painting on my window

And also on my curtain.

So keep your mind on what you do

For it will try to wander

And take you to another world

That’s somewhere over yonder.

It will make you do the strangest things

Quite normal they appear

Until you hear those dreadful words:

What are you doing, dear?



I like to exercise

My body fights me all the way

Not right now

Perhaps some other day

It finds all kinds of reasons

Why I should wait a while

Its methods are quite cunning

Subversive, full of guile

You just finished eating

The ball game's about to start

Your fav’rite show is on TV

You’ll strain your little heart

You will get a hernia

A muscle you might tear

I’m giving you these warnings

‘Cause I think it’s only fair.

Should I listen to my body

Or follow my intent?

A body never exercised

Will surely end up bent

So I put a little muzzle

On this inner voice of mine

‘Cause I know when I’m done working out

I’ll end up feeling fine.


The Rose Bush

I planted a rose bush

Not long ago

I water it daily

And watch it grow

When you plant a rose bush

Everyone knows

What you really want

Is a beautiful rose

So the bush is growing

Green leaves it is showing

From its head to its toes

But everyone’s waiting for a beautiful rose.

The bush feels so pretty

As it gracefully grows

But it’s hardly noticed ----

Where is the rose?

Finally, one morning

In the sun’s early glow

A baby is born

A little rose starts to grow

It is noticed with joy

Like a star on a tree

As the bush softly whispers

It wouldn’t be here, if it weren’t for me.

Ways and Means

You have your ways

And I have mine

Yours work for you

Mine work for me

So, let it be.

I don’t want your ways

And you don’t want mine

I believe in life and the word

You believe in death and the (s)word

Never the twain shall meet

Where do we go from here?

The choice is clear:

Mutual tolerance, or

Utter defeat!!!


The Forest Bench

Let's stop the walk

And have a seat

The moment's sweet

I'll hold your hand

And you hold mine

And all the world is fine.

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The wondrous Pair

A young girl and a blind man

Were walking side by side

Her tiny hands were guiding him

And trust was in his stride

She was his eyes

He was her friend

Though 50 years apart

They walked together

Hand in hand

And sunshine filled my heart.