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(C) Helmut Licht

   For a long time I had been praying for, and confidently expecting, an insight, a realization, which would be so basic, profound and simple that it would serve me unfailingly as the root principle, foundation, and springboard of all my endeavors to speculate about and understand the universe and my existence within it.

I had this realization. It only took a split second and its repercussions are still ringing, singing and working in my mind:

I experienced and realized the ONE which I call My God.

I call this ONE My GOD for two reasons.

A. The realization of its universal Presence was, and still is, an extremely personal experience.

B. I do not want to imply in any way or form that this is the only way God manifests, and that other conceptions of God are wrong. What I experienced may not even be what you call your God. Everybody experiences and lives with God in his or her own way. After all, it is not important as to how we perceive God, but rather how our perception of God shapes our character and, thereby, our life and destiny.

Initially I referred to My God as He, strictly because I lived the first 20 years of my life in Germany and in the German language God is masculine - der Gott. The ONE I experienced, however, is neither male nor female, though, as will be shown later, both sexes are contained within it. For that reason I had considered It. However, as It is My God, I had to feel comfortable with whatever I call this ONENESS; therefore I reverted back to He.

When I say I realized the ONE, I do not mean understand, but, it was as if I had been living in a cave all my life and one of the people living with me had been telling me about something called a rainbow. I knew all about this rainbow and could describe it to others, but I had never seen one ... till one day I stepped outside the cave and actually saw one. Once I had seen it, all descriptions fell short and became totally unnecessary. I repeat: I experienced and realized the ONE which I call My God.

There are women who will see a dress, like it and buy it, without analyzing it -they simply like it, and that's good enough for them. There are people who listen to a piece of music and like it, without analyzing it - they simply like it, and thats good enough for them. But then there are women who are seamstresses. They will see a dress they like, turn it inside out to examine the stitching, the hemming, how it is put together, and whatever else there is to examine. And then there are professional musicians, like myself, who hear a piece of music, and as they hear it they hear individual instruments, brass sections, string sections, chord progressions, codas, first endings and second endings, fortissimos and pianissimos, etc., etc.

The profound, momentary experience I mentioned above was like hearing a piece of music. Hearing it was not enough for my mentality. I was compelled to go further! This booklet represents this process of going further.