Don't love when...

Don't love if.....

Don't love because..

...Just love!

Love is purest before anything is said or done.


Love is a second exploded into eternity.

Before love everything is primary,

When love has made itself known - everything else is secondary.

Love ties everything together.


Loving another person is the divine key.


Before love you think you are in a mansion in which there is one little room

whose entrance you are denied.

When love has come, the door to that room opens and you enter it,

only to find out that where you have been is the little room

whose exit you had been denied.


Love is a glimpse of what has always been and what will always be.


When you finally fall in love you wonder how you ever did without it.

When love has come, your soul perceives the way up.


Love is unconditional.


When you love, God flows through you freely.


Love comes when it is good and ready - not when you are.


When love makes its entrance --- forget the program!


Love rules. Absolutely!


Love knows no dark corners

Love! Either you know it or you don't. There is no in-between.


Love eludes description, because infinity cannot be described in finite terms.

Love makes you wish that you had one thousand hands

and a voice that can be heard across the ocean.


Love produces its own sunshine. Sunshine sees no shadow.


When love has come, morning has broken for the eternal day.

Love answers a lot of questions that were never asked.

When love has arrived you realize how your soul has been starving.

Love cannot see itself until is sees itself reflected in `the one'.


Love lives in silence until it hears its echo from `the one'.


Love is lonely until it can touch `the one'.

Love cannot be demanded. It can only be given.


If you say to a person: "I'll love you, when....."

or: "I'll love you, if....."

Then you don't love that person!

And when a flower blooms

It opens up - Not only to the sun, But also to the winds and rains ---

And open up it must, When love flows through its veins.


Love is only painful when you expect it to be returned.


Love is the sugar we take with the medicine.

I pity those who are always right

For they will not know the truth

And they don't know how to bend.

I pity those who cannot bend

For they cannot change, therefore

They cannot love.

I pity those who cannot love,

for they don't know the meaning of a sunny heart

And they cannot trust.


I pity those who cannot trust

for they are condemned to

A life of loneliness.


Being loved is being in the sunshine.

Loving is being the sun.


When I feel down, I go out into nature.

I ask the tree to show me how to be strong,

The flower how to be modest,

The breeze how to be gentle,

The clouds how to keep moving,

The mountains how to endure,

The seasons how to be patient and have hope,

The rains how to cleanse,

The river how to flow with things,

The snowflake how to fall gently,

The sun how to give freely,

The night for peace - And the morning for your love.


Love makes everything so simple - if you let it.


In the development of your character, when all fails - God simply makes you fall in love.


In the larger scheme of things, and in the long run, it's better to love than to be loved.


Thanking YOU for the love I feel for you

would be thanking a painting for the emotions it arouses within me.

For the latter I thank the artist, - for the former ..... God.


It could have been a nice Spring, with two hearts that sing.

It could have been a great life, as husband and wife.


Falling in love brings us in touch with the divine within us.

Wanting that love returned is only human.

Love turns a cold rock into glowing lava.


Have a loving day!